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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hello Everyone! 

Today is such a big day I am SOOO excited to announce that my 6X6 pre-made scrapbook albums are currently on sale at Riffraff! I just stopped by to drop them off as well as some special canvases that I have made and that would be great for Christmas presents! 

Here are the pictures of my new Halloween scrapbook! 

The front cover of my Halloween scrapbook!

Enter with caution! This page opens up and surprise! 
The green envelope opens and has extra room for journaling!

This page has a pocket you can put keepsakes in!
Trick or.....

List your top 5 favorite candies!
Lots of room for fall pictures!

The back cover of the Halloween book!

The following are canvases that I made that can be custom ordered with pictures of your own family members! A perfect gift for Christmas! This is my "family game night" canvas I came up with because our family loves to get together and play games!  I added special touches from our favorite games: a monopoly card, dice, matching cards, and of course a BINGO card! 

You can custom order me!!! Perfect present for Christmas! 
Close-up of the matching cards and S. 

SHE Inspiration Board

My inspiration board! Sorry for the flash in the middle of the canvas!

I love this quote.

My mom and me :)

To check out my products in person you can always head to Riffraff or you can email me if you have any questions! My email is Thank you for all of the positive and encouraging support! Love you all! 

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Fall Scrapbook

Cover of the Fall scrapbook

I always save lots of room for journaling 

Top 10 Fall favorites

The back cover: It says, "Fall comes and goes: but memories last a lifetime!"

Yay! I am sooo excited to announce that this is the first official pre-made scrapbook that is going to be for sale at Riffraff.  Here is their website I have been working hard getting things together and this is the first one that is going to be in Kirsten Blowers store! She is such an awesome, hardworking girl and someone that has also inspired me!  She has been so successful at opening her own store in February of last year even while she was finishing her Senior year of college! I love this sweet girl and everyone go check out Riffraff for not only my scrapbooks but also their wonderful products!   

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Holly and Will's Engagement Scrapbook

The front cover of the album

This is a special page where Holly can write down the story of how they got engaged!

The back cover of the album!

About a week before Will proposed to Holly he called and asked me to put together a little something that would remind them of the special night he proposed!  He knew I was a scrapbooker and this is what I created! Now me and Holly just have to fill up with with beautiful pictures and juicy details of that night!

I just created a new fall scrapbook like this and I am currently working on a Halloween one!!! They will be in Riffraff a.s.a.p! I will let you know when we put them in there!  

Friday, September 25, 2009

Holly and Will are Getting Hitched!

At Powerhouse before the engagement 

Another Group Shot! 
At the table ready for a night full of fun and surprises!
Me Holly and Stacey 

Nicki and Em

The first moment Holly knew what was going on! 

Will waiting for Holly in the back yard! 

This is my favorite picture :) 


The beautiful table set up! 

Holly and Allison


The scapbook I made for Holly and Will! Details to come on the blog! 

Will's Friend Chris Toasting!

Lindley (Will's cousin) and Holly

Showing off the Bling Bling!

Love it! It's beautiful!

All of the Girls! 

Holly and Kelly! 

More pics! 

Me and Sister!
Holly and Lillian

Exactly 1 week ago today Holly and Will got engaged!!! Lots of people have been asking for the story so here we go!  About a month ago Will starting making plans to propose to Holly at our house on Friday, September 18th.  So he came up with a wonderful idea and here it is!  Nicki and Emily were coming up from Dallas for the Razorback game and we were all going to go eat and have a girls night out! Or so HOLLY thought! hahaha At 7:30 the girls went to Powerhouse to eat and while we were there Will was setting up our house for a romantic proposal with his friend Chris!  OOOPS time to order drinks and WAIT! Stacey forgot her i.d.!!! (Which was totally ON purpose) She volunteered to drive and *accidentally* forgot her i.d. and we were planning on going out after dinner but we couldn't because Stacey forgot her i.d.! So of course we had to run back to the house to get it and this is what was there! 

As we pulled up to our driveway we said, "Who is that in our driveway?!?!"  It was Will's friend Chris sitting on a car with a rose and then he slowly opened Holly's door...AHHH!! It all started happening so fast! I ran through the fence to the backyard and squatted down getting ready to take picture of this moment happening while Holly walked through the house, which was decorated with rose petals and blown up pictures Holly and Will.  She finally walked outside and there was Will waiting for her in the middle of a heart made of christmas lights! It was perfect! Absolutely beautiful! Flawless! She truly had no idea that this was coming!  I love it! So Will asked her "What are you doing for the next 60 years?!?" She said....."YOU!"" Hahaha BAM! How perfect is that? Simple and to the point! After they spent a few moments together they went inside and had cake and champagne and petit fours and celebrated with friends! Will did a great job and as of right now there is no *official* wedding date set but next summer they will get married for sure! They are a beautiful couple and I can't wait for the wedding