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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Food Cars

My sweet education friends with our food cars!

Alex and I with our cars

Sarah Penick's food car!

Tonight in my science class we had a Food Car Derby! We were given an assignment to build a car made out of 100% food! It was harder than you think! You had to create wheels and axles which was hard because I didn't play with cars when I was little so it took a little while to create!

I went through several oranges, bagels, mushrooms, pasta noodles, etc. but I was finally able to create an edible car! Here she is: her name was the Squashinator!

Well she's not a looker OR smeller (yuck!)....bless her heart! She was made out of 2 fiber one bars, melted chocolate to hold it together, squash for the wheels, noodles for the axles, and mushrooms for the hub caps!
Trying my car out on the ramp...It didn't roll. So I just pushed really hard and it went down the ramp! HA!

Laura's Food Car The Life Savor!

Right after she sent The Life Savor down the ramp!

This car was called the Cherry Limeade! It went fast down the ramp! It was made with limes, rice krispie treats, and red candy.

We had to make sure that the car was able to go down a large ramp and there was a prize for the winner whose car traveled the farthest! Emily won with her car traveling 9 feet! WHOA!

There was also a prize for the most creative car! Erin won for her Orange in Love food car that resembled Cinderella's carriage! She did such a great job!

This is where the poor food cars were laid to rest....IN THE TRASH!

Will I ever do this in my future classroom? Hmmm...not sure. Maybe if I provide the food because some families can't afford to waste food on a food car! We are very lucky!

Love you favorite blog readers!

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Sarah Reid said...

WHat's the body of the first car (Sarah's) made of? I can't figure that one out!