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Monday, July 26, 2010

One Line A Day...A Five Year Memory Book

This weekend my parents and I went to Kansas City to visit my red headed, Texan fiance! While we were there we did some shopping (duh!) and I purchased one of the coolest things at The Paper Source. I purchased a One Line a Day, A Five-Year Memory Book! After I found this book I walked over to Mom and told her what I found! She said Lauren, "I have one of those! I kept it while you were in High School and Junior High!" Me: "No way! How cool!" These are the little things I love to discover! I had NO IDEA my Mom had one of these books!

Mom's 5-Year Memory Journal

So here are some highlights from her 5-year memory book! Mom kept this book from January 1st, 1999 to December 31st, 2003.

January 19th, 2000: Lauren and I both had our pre-op surgery blood work, etc today. She had a chest x-ray and EKG and Lauren had her first urine test and overflowed the cup and spilled half of it on the floor.

January 21st, 2000: Lauren had her knee surgery today and it went well and wasn't as bad as they thought it was. We had a large group of people at the hospital to see Lauren off to surgery.

January 13th, 2001:
I took Lauren, Leah, Marci, and Lindsey to Springfield today for Lauren's birthday! We had a great time! Marci got Lauren a hermit crab and they named it Antonio.

March 6th, 2001:
Lauren and Leah are taking their written driving tests tomorrow

March 7th, 2001: Lauren and Leah failed their permit tests but they are okay about it.

April 27th, 2000: Lauren had blood work today and blacked out.

May 6th, 2001: I got my washer fixed today. John killed a BIG black snake today!

May 29th, 2003: Lauren is grounded in every way possible because she almost missed her final. I am so tired of saving the day for her!

June 27th, 2001:
Sweetie (our dachsund) got bit by a copperhead on her face today. Her whole side of her face is swollen and sore.

September 11th, 2001: Three buildings have collapsed in NYC and another plane was hijacked and hit the Pentagon and another crashed in Pennsylvania.

November 4th, 2000:
We were getting in the car with Jay and Christina and Seth (my little brother) said, "What does (Fauck You) mean? Dad said its a city why? Seth said, "Because its written on the back of your car!"

December 23rd, 2002:
Lauren has no idea she is getting a car for Christmas! We hid it at Gloria's Mom and Dad's garage!

December 25th, 2002:
Lauren got a red jeep liberty for Christmas! She was so surprised!

I hope you enjoyed today's blog post favorite readers and HERE is a link to buy this book and start your own 5 year memory book!

Love you all!


Miss V said...

This is just way too sweet! How funny that you never knew about it and how touching that your mom kept something like this, amazing to look back and think about how simple one line of text is yet how so much can be conveyed in a few short words. Loved this post!

Beth Ann said...

What a fabulous idea - I love it! Even a non-scrapbooker can write a couple of sentences, right? ;)