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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Backyard BBQ

Katherine using her new grill!

Last Sunday night we had a "family barbeque" at the house! One of my roommates, Katherine, got a new grill for her birthday and she decided to grill burgers! Since none of us have ever worked a grill before it was a real adventure! It was a charcoal grill and we weren't sure how much charcoal to use, how long to cook the burgers, etc. It was a great learning experience!

Even though it was Katherine's first time to use the grill I must admit...she made some pretty tasty burgers and hot dogs! The burgers were so juicy and the cheese was melted perfectly on top! Delish! Sometimes there is just nothing better than a good 'ole fashioned burger! Is your mouth watering yet?!?!

It was a beautiful night when we grilled and I know the dogs loved playing in the backyard!

Overall our first grilling experience was a great success and there will be many more "family dinner" grill nights in our future! Love you Page and Katherine!

Love you too favorite blog readers!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meet our Wedding Planner!

Meet our wedding planner Jenessa Bailey! Hiring a wedding planner is something Mom and I have talked about for awhile. You see I am from a small town, Mountain Home, Arkansas and I LOVE being from there, but when it comes to planning your wedding there aren't many resources available. We thought about having a family friend coordinate the wedding, but we really wanted someone to be able to coordinate the wedding and set up/tear down decorations at the reception. I also wanted Mom to be able to relax at the wedding and not feel SO stressed out during this special time :) So without any further delay here's what happened when we met with Jenessa Bailey!

These flowers look a little orange in this picture but they will be a soft pink :)

Mom drove up to Fayetteville for the day to be with me to meet with Jenessa and to discuss the vision of our wedding. I have heard from several people that Jenessa is "amazing," "wonderful," and "fabulous," and after seeing pictures from several events she has done I KNEW we had to have her!

We first walked into her house and she had a round table set up with a robin's egg blue table cloth with silver vintage vases and beautiful cream, light blue, and pink flowers! There were also small candles that were lit and totally set the relaxing mood! Everything was in my color scheme! It was an absolute dream :) She said she had stalked my blog to see my colors, ideas, etc. Ha! Don't you just love blogs?!? Needless to say it was love at first sight! And did I mention the blingy chandelier?!? Ahhh! Love Love Love! My theme for the wedding was Southern Classic Vintage and now I narrowed it to 2 words: Vintage BLING! Holla!

Jenessa is going to make our wedding absolutely beautiful and unique with several special details we are currently working on ;) so stay tuned my favorite blog readers! I will keep you updated on everything with the wedding planning, school, and everything in between! Thank you so much for your sweet comments :) They make my day!

Click HERE to visit Jenessa's website and blog! You will LOVE it! Promise!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

1st Day of School

Standing in the doorway by the Mrs. Sullivant sign!

My BFF Laura and I in the classroom

These are the flowers my mentor teacher's husband sent her for the first day of school! Awwww!

The school day is over! Ready for the students to come back tomorrow!

Today was the 1st day of school at Holcomb Elementary! Yippeee!!! I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning at 5:30 a.m. ready to start the school year! I was a ball of nerves this morning getting ready for school! I kept thinking about the kids and if they would like me, if they would be well behaved, etc. Before I could worry too much I was driving to school and preparing for the kiddos at 7:15! Then my teacher and I double checked everything we had ready for the day! I took a deep breath and at 7:45 the kids were starting to come in the classroom! I felt like I was competing in a race all day until the kids left at 3:00! We got a lot accomplished and had a wonderful day :) Our kids were very well behaved and I know exciting things are going to happen this year!

Not only was today the first day of school but my parents were in town dropping off my little brother for college! Ahh! I am so happy to have him in the same town as me :) After my parents moved him in we all went to eat at a delicious Italian restaurant in Fayetteville! What a perfect way to end the first day of school! I have a full tummy and will be going to bed early tonight!

Seth and his roommate Jake putting together their new TV for their dorm room!

Seth's bedroom with his computer open on my blog...I wonder who did that?!?

I thought this was so funny! Both of Seth's roommates had monogrammed towels! Ha! I thought this was only a girl thing! Apparently in the South girls and BOYS have monogrammed towels! I love it!

Hope you all had a good day favorite blog readers! Love you all!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Holcomb Elementary School Open House

My mentor teacher Mrs. Eaton and I

Last night was "Open House" at Holcomb Elmentary School! I was so excited! This was the first opportunity I had to meet the parents and students that I will be working with this year! We have 25 students in our classroom and I am excited to get to know each one of them! I am fortunate enough to have a mentor teacher who has taught for over 20 years and I have learned A LOT already working with her! Everything in her classroom is organized, labeled, and has its own spot! She is a woman after my own heart! The "Open House" went great and I know it is going to be an amazing year!

Here are some pictures from last night!

This is Mrs. Eaton! My teacher!

This is Ms. Briggs another 4th grade teacher at Holcomb Elementary that will switch with Mrs. Eaton to teach Math!

My "teacher desk!" I love love love being able to have my own spot in the classroom :) It makes the classroom feel more like home :)

Here are all of the interns working at Holcomb this year! We got a great group of people and I know these people will make wonderful future teachers!

Love you all favorite blog readers!

P.S. Say a special prayer for me because tomorrow is the FIRST day of school! Thank you! AHH! Yay!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Paisley's New Hair Do

BEFORE Pictures:
Her car ride home with us right after we picked her up from the breeder!

In her car seat at 5 months old

At Christmas time!

My brother's high school graduation in May!

It has been one HOTT summer and because it has been almost 100 degrees everyday I decided to cut Paisley's long hair! I had to remember that it is just hair and it grows back but I was a little nervous to see her after her "big haircut!" But I was soooo happy I did it!!! Look at how precious she looks! She is so much softer too! She looks like she did when she was puppy! She is so much happier now without all that extra hair!

AFTER: I kept her face and tail long so she wasn't an ugly shih tzu! Ha!

Momma is also happy because it takes me about 3 minutes to brush and fix her hair everyday when it used to take about 20-30 minutes trying to get tangles out! Amen! This was probably the best time saver decision I have ever made! I think I may grow her hair out in the Winter though to make sure she stays warm :)

Love you all favorite blog readers and have a happy Sunday afternoon!

P.S. A special thanks to Shampooch in Mountain Home for Paisley's fresh new 'do! We both love it and love y'all!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Setting up our Classroom



Hello favorite blog readers!

I apologize it has been a whole WEEK since my last post! Oh goodness it has been too long so here are some of the EXCITING things that have been going on and that I will blog about in the upcoming days!

1. Mom and I met with a wedding planner! I can't wait to blog about this! Here is a teaser for the upcoming post...As soon as Mom and I walked into Jenessa's house (the wedding planner) she had a table set up, according to my wedding colors, with vintage vases and flowers, lit candles, 3 glasses of water, and monogrammed napkins. EEKK! Have you ever been in love at first sight? I was swooning!

2. Paisley got a haircut! Because of this hellacious Arkansas heat around 100 degrees EVERY day I decided to chop off my sweet little girl's long hair! But don't worry she isn't ugly, she is still as precious as ever and a MUCH cooler dog!

3. I started SCHOOL! Please pray for me! It is going to be an exciting, eventful, busy year and I can't wait to meet the kiddos! It is going to be a great year!

Now onto the BEFORE and AFTER pictures of our 4th grade classroom! I am interning with Mrs. Eaton and today we worked in the classroom from 7:45-4:15! Whew! We got a LOT done and I am so lucky to have such a great mentor teacher!

Mrs. Eaton gave me an area of the room with my own "teacher desk!" It isn't finished yet but I am thankful to have an area all to myself! I can't wait to decorate!

This is where the kids will hang their backpacks according to which number they are!

On each desk we put on alphabetical tape at the top, a multiplication chart on the right hand corner, a dry erase board, math book, journal, science, and reading book!

Each desk chair also has a cover over it that has pockets behind the seat for extra storage! Pretty nifty idea huh?

The calendar bulletin board!

Another bulletin board!

A place for students' to brag about their BEEautiful work!

This is my favorite part of the classroom! The library!

Did anyone else read the "American Girl" books?!? I think I read every single one and even had the Samantha doll! I heart those!

My dear friend Laura and I even learned how to use a wrench today! Our future hubby's to be are so lucky to have ladies who know how to use tools! Ha!

This is my BFF Laura who is also interning in 4th grade with another teacher! She is right across the hall from me and I couldn't be more grateful! She is so positive and uplifting and I know together we will get through graduate school successfully!

TAH DAH! The AFTER picture! We have almost made our classroom a "home!" A few more finishing touches and we will be ready for school to start a week from today!

I love you all favorite blog readers and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Picking Out Wedding Invitations

The Wedding Colors: soft pink blush, with cream, gold accent, and robin's egg blue!

On Tuesday Mom and I made a special day trip to Fayetteville to meet with Amy Hannon to pick out the wedding invitations! This is a day I have been looking forward to for so long! You see Amy Hannon runs Sincerely Yours, which is a paper company that designs wedding invitations, stationery, monograms, and all kinds of paper lovelies. You must check out her blog! Click HERE to visit! She has impeccable taste and is bubbling over with personality and sweet Southern charm. You see Amy holds a special place in my heart because she grew up in my hometown of Mountain Home, Arkansas. She was also a Tri-Delta and is a lover of Jesus :) The creativity just flows effortlessly from Mrs. Amy and I know our wedding invitations are going to be something that will take everyone's breath away.

Here was my inspiration for the wedding invitations. This is actually a vase on Amy's table in her house and was the spring board for creating the Save the Dates, invitations, etc.

Of course you knew I would have to add a little bling to the invitations ;) This is the "menu" of all the crystals that are available! It was so sparkly and gorgeous!

Here is Mrs. Amy and I posing with the finalized wedding color swatches!

This is Amy and her daughter, Gracie, who is just precious and hung out with us during the design appointment! Such a pretty mother and daughter!

As much as I want to describe in detail every aspect of the invitation and Save the Date I am going to keep it a surprise! But let me tell is ridiculously dreamy and delicious! I shreeked with approval when it all came together! I can't wait to show you!

I love you all favorite blog readers and I hope you have a great Thursday!