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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 12 Moments of 2012

As I was eating lunch today at the kitchen table, I started thinking about the wonderful blessings and experiences 2012 brought us. My mind was immediately flooded with memories of trips, people and pictures that made 2012 so special. So here are my TOP 12 moments of 2012. Enjoy! 

12: Family trip to Silver Dollar City for Christmas 

Me and Momma

Cutting homemade cinnamon rolls 

(This super cute red head can't pass by a homemade cinnamon roll and not eat one!)

Mom and Seth were gonna share a cinnamon roll until Mom did this......(look below)

Her first bite was the center piece! (bahaha the look on Seth's face was priceless!)

Trying to get a decent picture is a rough task with this crew! (Photobomb!)

Seth tied mom's scarf to the seat when we were on the train ride and she couldn't get up. #blessit

Only the best ride at Silver Dollar City

11: Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Man and his best friend

Let's try this again! 

The whole crew (Don't we look dashing in our festive attire?!?) I have a confession to make. My spiffy outfit was from when I was in 5th grade. So it is over 15 years old. I was a hefty girl and wore elastic jeans. (SO embarrassing!) Seth also had a matching reindeer outfit and we wore these in our Christmas card picture one year. Thanks mom! :) 

10: Dixie and the bathroom
I didn't post pictures of this because you would have immediately left the blog. They are too GROSS to post!  Dixie (the 70 pound golden retriever) and Paisley (the shih-tzu) stay together all day in the bathroom when we are at work. One day Dixie was anxious and threw up and pooped ALL OVER our bathroom. Both of the dogs were covered in (crap) and Dixie had jumped in our jacquzzi tub and even pooped in it! I walked in from work that Friday afternoon and BAM the smell hit me the second I walked in from the garage. So what did I do? I immediately took pictures and sent them to Ryan and said, "LOOK WHAT YOUR DOG DID!!!" (Rational right?) Ryan was at work and couldn't come home to clean it up. So I slipped on some rubber gloves, got some clorox wipes, paper towels, etc. and cleaned it ALL UP! (This was the 2nd most humbling moment of life, besides the time when I cleaned up urine from a little girl who had an accident in my classroom last year. Those school paper towels don't absorb anything! FYI! ) thought that was the end of the story, right? Well....2 weeks later I came home and she had done it AGAIN!! (Imagine screaming and growls as I again put on rubber gloves and cleaned the bathroom. It hasn't happened again. THANK YOU JESUS! 

9: New classroom 
This year I moved into a new, larger classroom with a Smartboard! Here are some pictures I took before school started! 

8: Surprise trip to Jackson to celebrate my Aunt's (monumental) birthday

We drove down to Jackson, MS to surprise my Aunt for her (monumental) birthday. She prefers to not tell people her age ;) Love you ANN! 

We even visited her booth at a local antique store. She creates the most unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. Click HERE to go to her facebook page. 

7: Thanksgiving at the Mattiza's 

Ryan's family came to visit us for Thanksgiving and we loved spending quality time with everyone. I must say it made me appreciate my momma even more. It is a lot of work to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Mr. Mattiza did help though and was a master using the fryer to cook the turkey!

Ryan's brother Evan and his girlfriend Kelsey

6: Luke Bryan concert 
Ryan LOVED watching this concert...and his wife jumping up and down and screaming at Luke Bryan. Bless it. He was a trooper!


5: One of my best friends had a baby in June! 
Stacey was such a trooper and made giving birth look like a breeze! 

Isn't she so cute?!? She has the prettiest blue eyes. I can't wait to watch this sweet girl grow up :)

4: Family trip to St. Louis to see the Cardinals play



It is tradition to go to this ice cream shop after a Cardinals game :)

3: Summer Family trip to Destin

Seth and his (precious) girlfriend Sarah

Happy 4th of July

Mom and Dad

2: James Bible Study
Every Friday last summer I drove down to Fayetteville to a Beth Moore bible study on the book of James. WOW! This bible study ROCKED my world. I don't think I was prepared for the growth that happened in my relationship with the Lord. I learned that James was the half-brother of Jesus and at first James didn't believe his half-brother (Jesus) was the son of God. It was only after his death and resurrection that James became a believer and a leader in the church. Awesome! If you like to read scripture that is black and white and tells you what to do and what not to do, read James. 
Homeboy doesn't sugar coat nothin'! 

Beth even challenged us to memorize the 5 chapters of James. I thought she was crazy when I heard that, but I did it! With the grace of the good Lord, I memorized ALL 5 chapters of James. (It took me 5 months!)  Can I honestly tell you what a blessing that was? I always thought that I was a good  Christian until I had a desperate situation in my life where I needed the comfort of his word to help my dear friend and my mind drew blank. I couldn't remember any scriptures to help my friend who was suffering with the loss of a loved one. This situation is what motivated me to memorize James, and if I did it...anyone can do it!

1: We bought a house! 
We are officially homeowners :) After putting in a offer on 3 different homes and not getting them, God truly blessed us with a 4th home that was better than the previous 3. 

Be filled with JOY in 2013 dear blog readers! May 2013 bring you bountiful blessings of love, joy, peace and patience.


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G AJ said...

Love this - what a great way to recap a fantastic year - and certainly always enjoy seeing pictures.