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Saturday, March 23, 2013

New York City 2013

             In New York...concrete jungle where dreams are made of...there's nothing you can't do! (cue Alicia Keys and Jay Z) This song was pumping through my head as I walked around and relished in the busyness of Times Square. I remember taking a deep breath and just soaking in all of the neon lights, eclectic people, yellow taxis, and non-stop noise that fills one of the most populated places on Earth. I treasured being able to walk around and listen to the sounds of different languages being spoken and seeing people that looked different, (very different!) from me. Growing up in a small, rural, Southern town you can forget how BIG the world truly is. I loved it! It's almost like they took one person from each corner of the world and squeezed them all together on a tiny Manhattan island known as New York City. I can truly say it is one of my favorite places on the planet. 

            Here are some pictures from our recent New York City trip. (There will be several NYC blog posts! There are TOO many pictures to put all 147 of them into one blog post). Enjoy! 

The view from our hotel room...swoon. I would get up in the morning and just stare at it. Pure awesomeness. 

Our hotel room 

Rockefeller Center 

The TODAY show studio

Robin Roberts and The Good Morning America studio

    I will post more pics and the best FREE things to do in NYC soon! 
Love to you all! Dream BIG! 



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