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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Luke Bryan Shareholder's Concert

                If you don't live in Arkansas you may not know that Walmart is a pretty big stinkin' deal. Walmart to Arkansas is like the beaches are to Florida or like me at happy hour at Sonic. We NEED IT TO SURVIVE!  Now that we live in "Walmart Land" aka Northwest Arkansas we are privy to seeing and feeling the benefits of the world's largest retailer being in our backyard. Walmart used to be a place that I fought the crowds on Sunday afternoons with my mom grocery shopping or walking around the store on a Friday night after we cruised up and down "the strip" several times. 

Now.......Walmart has a new, special meaning in my heart. Every summer I live for the SHAREHOLDER'S CONCERTS! We've seen Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban....and this year rumor was that my FAVORITE country singer was going to be here and we get to see him for FREE! EEEKK!!

Every summer Walmart has a big meeting with associates from all over the world. During that week long event we get special perks like the SHAREHOLDER'S CONCERTS! This is when Walmart brings out the big gun entertainers like Luke Bryan and Elton John to thank their employees and shareholders for all of their hard work and dedication. Elton John was here the first night and Luke Bryan was the second night!

We sat so close to Luke Bryan I could touch him......AND I MOST CERTAINLY DID! Only for a second though ;) Kudos to Mr. Mattiza for being a patient hubby that night as his wife was jumping over chairs to get a selfie with Luke Bryan. #Bless it       

 More to come on the selfie picture story with Luke Bryan down below! 

Me and the Mister

Ryan and his buddy Nick

Our close seats! 

Nick and Caroline

My buddies Caroline, me and Jess

Gettin' the party started was Lee Brice! 

Ladies, hold your he comes! 

My precious friend Caroline is due next month! She looks great! 

I was so close I could smell him! He smelled of chopping wood, a deerstand, sweat....GUYS I'm not that crazy! I don't remember what he smelled like ;)

This was my ONE SHOT at a selfie with Luke Bryan...Right as I was about to take my picture with him a chick shoved my head out of the way! GRRR So all I have is an eyeless picture of Luke and my blonde hair on the right side of the picture. Oh well! 

Caroline and Hayley (Hayley worked the event and then got to come sit with us!)

Caroline and Luke

Enjoy these Luke Bryan concert clips! He was AWESOME and a wonderful entertainer. He spent a bunch of time with his fans and sang all of his big hits! I loved seeing him! Here's a special shout out to my sweet friend Jess who made a dream come true that night! I will never forget it! Thank you for taking us!

Love y'all! 


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